Does A Neck Heating Pad Relieve Cramps? & Which One Is The Best?

Studies show that most women menstruate regularly. The cycle is painless for some, though others may experience cramps that bring about extreme or mild pain. Such discomfort could make it impossible or difficult to go about the normal routines and there are various remedies that could be used. So why does a neck heating pad relieve cramps? Here is what research has to say about such heat pads and how they work.

You can find non-steroidal or anti-inflammatory medications that treat menstrual cramps. You also have the alternative of choosing a less invasive remedy and use heating pads. Menstrual cramps come about when the uterus contracts and blood vessels are constrained in the myometrium or rather the smooth muscle within the uterus. What hot cushions do is that they boost proper blood flow and this decreases the pain.

Typically, it seems to make more sense to use heat pads that can be placed around the lower abdomen. This can however be uncomfortable for most women, especially those that are constantly working within commercial settings that stream with traffic from employees and clients. In this case, a neck pad would do and you will get the same, perhaps better effects than using a heating pad around your abdomen.

Heating pads can decrease the pain of menstrual cramps by up to 27 percent with every passing hour. Those who use the pads for about two hours experience a drop in their pain by up to 43 percent. If you continue using your pad for about four hours, then you can expect an awesome pain reduction of nearly 79 percent.

Further research shows that the effects of using anti-inflammatory medications and heating pads are the same. The only difference is that the pads can save you from packing your body with pills. You get the option of setting the heat on whatever degrees that you deem fit. Simply do not use a heat amount that is likely to burn your skin.

Healthy living is a trending topic in the current world. More and more people are seeking natural alternatives of dealing with health and pain concerns. Heat pads are reasonably priced and can be used repeatedly hence you will get the best value for your money without jeopardizing your health in the long haul.

Neck heat pads can solve more than just pain during your menstrual cycles. They are designed for multipurpose use and can come in handy if you experience relieve muscle tension or stress around the shoulder area. You could also use the pads to alleviate neck and lower back pains.

How To Choose The Best Heating Pad For Neck And Shoulder Pain

neck painRehabilitating any pain issue is not easy. This is more so the case if you are suffering from shoulder or neck pains. Heat therapy is well known for both pain treatment and management. Through heat application, you can ease your aches and go about your everyday routines with minimal discomfort. Here is a guide that could help you choose the best neck heating pad for neck and shoulder pain.

There are numerous kinds of heating pads. You need to consider how various options work and also how they are controlled. For instance, consider how easily you can use a pad and how fast it can heat up. Some of the most prevalent heating pads include the electric and microwavable wraps. There are numerous brands available and you simply need to check out the specifics and reviews of any product that interests you.

Usually, microwavable wraps provide you with the heat you need on the go. On the other hand, their electric counterparts can heat within seconds. Depending on the nature of your pain concerns and the kind of therapy you are after, you could choose a wrap that best suits you.

Neck heating pad come in different sizes and weights. There are larger wraps that can be used on more than just the shoulder and neck region. On the other hand, some wraps are light in weight and are designed specifically for necks and shoulders. Because of the wide array of options available, you cannot underestimate the importance of checking out the specifics of various products.

A quality pad is a long term investment. It can be used on multiple occasions while at home or in the office. What the wraps do is that they ease stiffness, tension and most importantly, aches. Make sure that the product you choose has passed acceptable safety and efficiency standards.

Unfortunately, a wrap may not be for you if it does not match your personal preferences. In case you do not know how to go about your shopping, choose stores that offer customer support. Generally, it is as easy as ascertaining that the intended areas would all be covered and you can get as much heat as you need.

For the extras, there are features you may want to consider. Check out the auto shut off, timer, material, wireless capability and also the length of the power code if you want to buy an electric wrap. Some of the people who can benefit from heat therapy include those who suffer from menstrual cramps, arthritis, fibromyalgia pain and muscle spasms just to mention a few.